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A Performance of 99% and evolving

Best In Market Feature Engineered Model with ROC score above 99%

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Multiple Database Integration and Multi Level Feteching

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Automate your task in accordance with the leverage provided by machines

View Real-time Corrosion Prediction Data

On Cloud Server based Algorithimic Processing And Predicition

Corrosion Testing

Lab Based corrosion testing with report generation

Health & Safety Management

Predicting Safety and Integrity of your equipments and Machineries

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Practically any industry that the industrial revolution touched will be impacted by corrosion and M/s. Corrosion intelligence wants to monetize that.


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Large industries spend 7-10% of their total operational budget in corrosion related ch every year. Traditionally used static models based softwares are unable to pre progression of corrosion in any large facilities due to the number of variables involved.